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Tarmac is excited to bring forward proposals at the former Cement Works and lands to the west of Baird Road, (B7030), Ratho.

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Welcome to the Tarmac online consultation website for the proposed development of circa 300 new homes and ancillary mixed uses on land at Bairdview, Ratho.

The purpose of this consultation is to present the plans being proposed by Tarmac for the creation of a new high-quality residential neighbourhood as a sustainable expansion to the village.

Tarmac intends to bring forward a Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) application for residential and mixed-use development on land at Bairdview Ratho (‘the site’).

A Proposal of Application Notice (Ref: 21/05023/ PAN) was registered by Edinburgh Council (CEC) on the 23 September 2021 signalling the intention to submit a future major application for PPP.

Tarmac is inviting the local community and other stakeholders to view emerging proposals before a formal planning application is submitted to CEC. A short feedback form has been provided to help us gather community views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will the impact of the development on traffic be?

As part of the planning application process, our transport consultants will be undertaking a comprehensive Transport Assessment and an Environmental Impact Assessment Chapter for the proposed development. This will be undertaken to an agreed scope of works with the City of Edinburgh Council, following the appropriate Local and National Government Guidance.

The Transport Assessment will assess the site in relation to traffic and transport matters for all modes of transport and will include an assessment of the potential impact of the proposed development on the local road network. This will include, for example, potential impacts of traffic generation on the local road network and matters around road safety. Should the results of the assessment show that the proposed development has a significant adverse impact on the operation of the road network, this would be appropriately mitigated against if required, with any measures agreed with the local authority.

If required by the local authority, a Traffic and Transport Chapter of the Environmental Impact Assessment would assess the potential impact of the Proposed Development both during the construction phase and operational phase i.e. when it is built out and occupied by residents. This assessment would consider any potential impacts on sensitive receptors in the local area, whether temporary or permanent in nature and propose appropriate mitigation measures to minimise any effects.

With regards to air quality, if required by the City of Edinburgh Council, this would be undertaken separately to the traffic and transport works and would likely be included as a Chapter within the Environmental Impact Assessment. This would however likely be informed by the potential impacts of traffic generated by the proposed development and our transportation and air quality consultants would work closely in this regard. As with the aforementioned Transport Assessment, the requirements for any assessment on the impacts on air quality would be undertaken to an agreed scope with the local authority.


 2. Are you doing anything to improve the bus service?

Preliminary discussions have already been undertaken with Public Transport Officers within the City of Edinburgh Council in relation to public transport provision within Ratho and in the vicinity of the Proposed Development.

As part of the traffic and transport works, further discussions will be undertaken with both the City of Edinburgh Council and the bus operator to explore what if any improvements can be made to the current provision. Given that the current service is a ‘supported service’, it is considered that the Proposed Development can be positive in supporting the viability of the existing service with additional patronage, which in turn can strengthen the case for providing an enhanced service within Ratho.


 3. What will the impact of development on the primary school be?

It is the statutory responsibility of the Council, as Education Authority, to provide school places for all pupils within a catchment.  Ratho Primary School had 271 pupils in 2019 and 277 in 2020.  The capacity of the school is 294 pupils, so it is currently operating within capacity, at 94%.  Balerno Community High had 752 pupils in 2019 and 799 in 2020. It has a capacity of 850 pupils so is currently operating at 94%.

Pupil numbers in the catchment are predicted to grow year on year.  If capacity is reached then it is standard practice for the Council to request developer contributions/money to assist with increasing the capacity of impacted schools.


4. What will the impact of development on the medical practice be?

As of 1st October 2021, Ratho Medical Practice had a total of 2983 patients registered.  The existing Practice building has been designed to be able to cater for 5000 registered patients (60% increase).

The Practice operates as a business, so needs to carefully consider supply and demand, as any business would.  The number of ‘sessions’ or appointments currently offered by the doctors/Practice in Ratho is purely a management decision and nothing either a developer or NHS Lothian can influence.


Due to ongoing developments surrounding the COVID-19 virus and social-distancing measures, the Scottish Government has issued guidance encouraging developers to use online or digital methods of engagement whilst public gatherings are prohibited.

On Wednesday 1 December 2021 between 4pm and 8pm, the development team will be available on this website to answer your questions through a dedicated chat system as part of our digital consultation. There will be a short presentation discussing the proposals at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm. This will enable visitors to communicate directly with the design and advisory team and for them to answer any questions.

If you do not have online access hard copies of exhibition materials can be accessed by contacting the details below.


The proposed development site, west of Baird Road would act as an exciting new residential neighbourhood and a sustainable extension to the settlement. Bairdview will be integrated with the rest of Ratho and provide a new attractive entrance to it as well as providing enhanced community facilities in the village.


Tarmac is a leading manufacturer of aggregates and a provider of strategic land to the house-building industry with extensive experience in promoting housing sites of this nature using land values to invest in the local community.

Tarmac owns Hillwood Quarry and has assessed the development potential of its landholdings at Ratho. Development would bring significant environmental, social and economic benefits to the local community for existing and future generations in the medium to long term. It challenges the Council’s view that there should be no investment or development in the settlement until post 2030.

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Planning Context

Tarmac is promoting the Bairdview site through the Council’s new Local Development Plan (LDP), City Plan 2030 which will replace the currently adopted LDP.

Development proposed at Bairdview will ensure that the village remains vibrant and can support an appropriate level of community facilities over the plan period. It would also allow less sustainable development pressures in the west of the city to be resisted.

Despite participating in the plan led process through the call for sites and the Choices Main Issues Report, the Ratho site has not been included in the forthcoming proposed Local Development Plan. This is despite demonstrating that Bairdview can contribute to the key objectives of the LDP and in conformity with the Council’s aspirations set out in Choices.

The Council has identified a Housing Supply Target (HST) for 42,900 affordable homes and 19,600 market homes over the plan period. The Proposed Plan sets a target of only 17,350 affordable homes. Tarmac believes that the Council’s spatial strategy with an emphasis on brownfield sites will result in a serious shortfall in the housing supply and is not a practical strategy to address the housing requirement in West Edinburgh.

Development at Bairdview would use Tarmac’s land assets to assist in bridging this gap in a sustainable way whilst utilising a brownfield site at the former concrete batching plant. Enhanced land values would be used to reprovision community facilities and mitigate development impacts as a basis for community planning. The alternative is that Ratho stagnates for a decade with little prospect of public investment during a period of relative austerity impacting on services and a less affordable housing market.

This position will be tested by Tarmac at the LDP Examination. Proposed development will assist the Council in reaching challenging housing land requirements required by Scottish Planning Policy and National Planning Framework 4. CECs position is that there is a five-year effective land supply.

A planning application would test the 5-year land supply which is a requirement of Scottish Planning Policy. Contrary to the Council’s view we do not believe that CEC can demonstrate a 5-year land supply in the absence of strategic targets for the HST.
To achieve a more credible HST, maintain an effective housing land supply and provide a choice of homes where people want to live, greenfield sites must be identified as part of a blended approach to meet housing need and demand over the plan period.


Low carbon sustainable development

A key purpose of CityPlan will be to respond to the Council’s climate change emergency in a positive sense by promoting sustainable zero carbon growth. Delivering a high-quality low carbon sustainable development on this site will bring real benefits to the local community if developed in a sensitive and sympathetic manner.

Bairdview would deliver circa 300 homes, including family, market, and affordable housing, with a range of tenures, house types and densities built to the highest environmental standards. This will ensure the widest choice of housing for families and a range of households providing local choice and the opportunity for young families and older residents to remain in Ratho. Specialist retirement and care housing is also proposed through RSLs and named operators willing to invest in the area.

Development will also serve to re-balance the village to the north of the Union Canal with local amenities, a green network of parks and woodland and a central hub of enhanced community facilities. New parks and open spaces will provide greenspace links while new footpath and cycle-path routes set back from Baird Road will provide safe routes for locals to Newbridge and Ratho Station.

“20-minute neighbourhood”

The Council in response to Scottish Government guidance is keen to establish 20-minute neighbourhoods within urban villages such as Ratho. These are places that are designed so residents can meet their day-to-day needs within a 20-minute walk of their home; through access to safe walking and cycling routes, or by public transport.

Development delivered at Bairdview has the potential for Ratho to be such a neighbourhood, reducing trips, shortening local travel patterns and reducing the carbon footprint. It is within acceptable walking distance of local facilities, walking distance to employment clusters and bus and cycle routes.

Benefits of development

Delivery of development at Bairdview will not only fund improvements to local infrastructure, such as transport and education but also can address the deficit of previous housing developments in the village. Development will be mitigated by planning obligations that can be identified within the LDP Action Plan, thereby delivering new facilities at a time when public spending is likely to be restricted.

Benefits would include local improvements and spin-off advantages for the whole of the village:

•New provision of family, affordable and specialist care /retirement housing for the village maintaining a mixed and coherent community;

•Delivering improvement transport infrastructure and connections with the A8 and A71, including more effective public transport bus services;

•Supporting the delivery of local business, retail and leisure development in the village by allocating a site for a local community hub, potentially relocating existing facilities which are reaching the end of their useful life cycle;

•Providing scope for the expansion of Ratho Primary School and relocation of the library if desired;

•Undertaking public realm and landscape improvements at the northern gateway of the village on land owned byTarmac;

•Delivering a green network of parks and woodland;

•Improving vehicular and pedestrian access along Baird Road as well as improving permeability and footpath linkages including safe routes to schools;

•Potential to provide and deliver a new pedestrian and cycle link over the Union Canal and delivering an enhanced green network of parks woodlands and recreational spaces;

•Delivering a care home and retirement apartments adjacent to the community hub.

Site Assessment

The site is situated on the western edge of Ratho, adjacent to the community of Ratho, as indicated on the location plan. The Proposed development is located on land to the west of Baird Road, northwest Ratho. Located between the Union Canal and the M8 motorway the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena sits to the west and to the east is Baird Road.

The site is approximately 32 hectares in area and consists of 5 separate and distinct parcels of land including vacant and derelict brownfield land and mature tree belts.

Bairdview is located outside but adjacent to the urban boundary of Ratho and is currently used for agricultural purposes (grazing). The site is currently Class 3.2 agricultural land and is not considered as ‘prime’.

The land is well contained in visual and landscape terms. A landscape and visual appraisal was undertaken prior to the preparation of a development framework and high-level site layout. The landscape structure of the site and surrounding area can be characterised as having a series of distinct landscape zones.

Detailed technical assessments regarding the site have been undertaken to further inform the masterplan proposals and include:

•Topographical Survey
•Site Investigation
•Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
•Ecological and Tree Surveys
•Transport Assessment
•Drainage and Flood Risk Assessment
•Noise Assessment
•Air Quality Assessment
•Heritage Assessment


We are progressing a vision and development concept towards a masterplan for a PPP application providing the fundamental planning principles for the site. The exact details of the Masterplan are still to be established through detailed applications for Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions. It is our ambition to create a high-quality place in which a variety of family homes integrate positively with areas of publicly accessible open space, all of which respond to the key characteristics of the site, its landscape, and the existing urban area of Ratho.

The site presents an opportunity to create a new neighbourhood, providing high-quality homes and local facilities integrated into an existing community within the heart of West Edinburgh. It will have a distinctive sense of place whilst integrating with the existing facilities and infrastructure which would be improved because of the development.

The site is well contained, and the landscape framework is a key driver for the masterplan, which has been sensitively designed with cognisance of existing features and key views. An emphasis on placemaking would result in a compact connected development integrated with the existing landscape, providing amenity for residents while also improving local facilities and re-balancing the village.

The design concept for a new development framework at Baird view has been strongly influenced by the landscape and visual analysis of the site. It is also based on the need to accommodate a range of new housing types and tenures that can be developed in accordance with the Edinburgh Design Guidance.

Development Concept

Proposals include a range of market and affordable housing units together with a mixed-use hub local centre within a landscaped framework accessed from a new Baird Road junction. The area has potential capacity for circa 300 houses and development will include formal and informal open space as part of an integrated landscape approach.

New market and affordable housing would be provided with a range of tenures, house types and densities to ensure a choice of housing for a wide range of households.

The proposals include the potential for a new footpath link over the Union Canal as part of the development Masterplan, together with offsite road improvements at ‘piggery bends’ to the north.

Development at Bairdveiw is partially on brownfield land and is not on a greenbelt site. It has the potential to be a high-quality low carbon sustainable development, mixing living, working and leisure uses. We have already undertaken an extensive public consultation on our proposals. Unlike other greenfield sites this is not only a partial brownfield site but will bring considerable community benefits for Ratho.

Our proposals, therefore, accord with the Council’s ambitious objectives to create sustainable places to live, with access to fantastic community facilities, good education, regular and flexible public transport and large green spaces. It would be a net-zero development.

Bairdview will be integrated with the rest of the village and provide a new attractive gateway as well as delivering a new residential neighbourhood, including affordable housing, enhanced community and commercial facilities. This will ensure that the village remains vibrant and can support a good level of community facilities over the Plan period, allowing less sustainable developments to be resisted. As such, we provide broader benefits that other greenfield sites do not provide.

Our development will also make a major contribution to improving local infrastructure such as transport, and as a 20-minute neighbourhood, it is within acceptable walking distance of local facilities and bus and cycle routes.

A central community hub is proposed to serve the village. It would provide a social focus and allow a re-balance of the existing village, providing enhanced community facilities. Current thoughts are that this area could include:

•Buildings for community facilities (eg village hall, library);
•Small convenience store;
•60 bed care home;
•40 retirement apartments; and
•A village green.

A parcel of land to the west of the site is proposed to be developed for tourist/ leisure accommodation. Current design propose a footbridge over the Union Canal as a beneficial feature to facilitate development. The location and design of this footbridge is not yet known, but a link would be provided from the walled garden area on the northern bank towards the school playing fields on the south. The permanent structure will not physically impact on the Scheduled Monument (towpath, canal or embankments).

Once full transport assessments are undertaken there may be a need to mitigate predicted traffic impacts. One potential mitigation measure may be road realignment at the ‘piggery bends’ 300m north of the site. These improvement works would form part of the development and the application boundary.

In summary, the package of measures for Ratho amounts to:

•Improvements to local infrastructure;

•Family, Affordable and specialist housing;

•A site for a local community facility;

•Possible expansion of Ratho Primary School;

•Public realm and landscape improvements at the northern gateway;

•Improved vehicular and pedestrian access along BairdRoad;

•Improved permeability and potential footpath linkages, including safe routes to schools;

•Potential new pedestrian and cycle link along the Union Canal;

•Holiday and Leisure accommodation;

•Homecare home adjacent to the community hub;

•Catalyst for social and economic growth.

Design Principles

Specific design principles incorporated into the Development Framework are based on the following elements:

•Re-defined defensible boundaries in the north and west of the site, creating a well-defined new urban edge for the neighbourhood;

•Incorporate existing landscaping into an integrated green-blue infrastructure network, linking all parts of the development.

•Base the layout on street principles, creating legible places forming new parcels of development in distinct walkable pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods.

•Make provision for up to 300 houses across a range of private and affordable housing in different tenures as part of an integrated and compact settlement pattern;

•Create a clear and simple road system easily legible to locals and visitors, and safely allows permeability and ease of movement.

•Provide new primary access points on Baird Road to allow for ease of movement and emergency access.

•Create a recognisable neighbourhood hub with mixed uses and village green.

•Create compact development parcels at appropriate densities containing housing that front onto and overlook parkland and open spaces.

•Utilise the new pathway network for pedestrians and cyclists, integrated with the Core Path and cycleway system allowing safe routes to school and local facilities asa 20-minute neighbourhood.

•Maintain long-distance views across and over the site from the ridgeline key viewpoints;

•A comprehensive Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) network.

Once the key components of the design are fully considered a more detailed development framework can then be developed with the community as a Local Place Plan.


Information and exhibition boards below on this site will be available for comment until December 31st. 

Your views are important to us and will be used to influence the future development of Ratho up to 2030, together with related improvements to the quality of life for all its residents. We want comments to be truly representative of community aspirations and provide the basis for place planning with interested parties.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our design team.

Comments submitted to this website will be used by the applicant and project team only, and do not constitute a formal representation to any future planning application. If a formal planning application is submitted, there will be an opportunity to make formal representations to City of Edinburgh Council on specific matters such as layout access and design.

We reiterate our call for the inclusion of Bairdview in the Proposed Plan to be adopted by the Council and in addition to challenging the LDP have submitted a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN), with a view to taking forward a major planning application for this site. This is likely to
be submitted in February 2022 and could be determined by December 2022. A start on site can be anticipated by 2024 following approval by the Council or Scottish ministers.

Please submit your forms using the links provided below.  Those unable to access the information on this site, or consultation boards and feedback form online, or who have questions, can call 0131 202 3259 or email: hello@bairdview.scot

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Submit online feedback

These views will form part of the pre-planning application public consultation report which will accompany the planning application. A further opportunity to make representations to the Council will be available when the planning application is formally submitted for consideration.

If you cannot submit this form online, please download a copy here: Feedback Form.

Please return forms by post no later than December 31st, 2021.

Orbit Communications, 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JE or by email to hello@bairdview.scot


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You can opt-out of the Google Display Advertising Features and customise Google Display Network ads using the Ad Settings. As an added privacy measure, you can also use the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. However, please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this Website.

To remove other cookies from your PC, you can use these guides:

Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/278835#/en-us/kb/278835
Chrome­: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en
Safari: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH17191?locale=en_GB
Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/delete-cookies-remove-info-websites-stored
Further information
Cookie Directive: http://www.ico.gov.uk
Information about cookies: https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/online/cookies
Internet Advertising Bureau: http://www.youronlinechoices.eu
International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom: https://iccwbo.uk/pages/privacy-policy

We utilise a number of different cookie variations that serve a number of different functions. These tables identify the types of cookies that we use and why we use them.

Cookies we use

The table below summarises the cookies we use on this site to help make sure our website delivers information and services securely.


Name Provider Purpose Expiry Type
CookieConsent Cookiebot Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain 1 year HTTP



Name Provider Purpose Expiry Type
_purechatLocalStorageAccess Purechat Necessary for the functionality of the website’s chat-box function. Persistent HTML



Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously.
Name Provider Purpose Expiry Type
collect Google Used to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor’s device and behavior. Tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels. Session Pixel
_ga this site Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 2 years HTTP
_gat this site Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate 1 day HTTP
_gid this site Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 1 day HTTP

Other Cookies

Name Provider Purpose Expiry Type
d0616ce3-17cd-428c-a7af-835e10ecdfbe__purechatLastCheckin Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
d0616ce3-17cd-428c-a7af-835e10ecdfbe__purechatPageStart Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
d0616ce3-17cd-428c-a7af-835e10ecdfbe__purechatSessionStart Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
i Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
lastCheckin_571277 Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
purechat_chatServerUrl Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
purechat_expanded Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
s_571277 Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
vc Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
vn Purechat Pending Persistent HTML
_PCCID Purechat Pending 5 years HTTP
_PCCSID_571277 Purechat Pending 1 day HTTP
thirdPartyCookiesEnabled Purechat Pending 1 day HTTP


How do we use them?

We use cookies for:

  • Essential operations, like site navigation.
  • Allowing you to add items to your shopping bag or to your Saved Items.
  • User logins for site admins.
  • Analysing visitor numbers and behaviours, such as what pages are frequently visited.
  • Assessing the success of our advertising campaigns, offers and communications.
  • Allowing you to interact with us via the chat field.

For full information on how we use your data, head to our ‘Privacy Policy’.

What types of cookies do we use?

There are four main types.

(1) Site functionality cookies – these allow you to navigate the site and use our features, such as “Add to Bag” and “Save for Later”.

(2) Site analytics cookies – these cookies allow us to measure and analyse how our customers use the site, to improve both its functionality and your shopping experience.

(3) Customer preference cookies – when you’re browsing or shopping on ASOS, these cookies will remember your preferences (like your language or location), so we can make your shopping experience as seamless as possible, and more personal to you.

(4) Interactive Cookies – these cookies allow the chat function to work as part of the consolation.

How to manage cookies

Most browsers allow you to manage cookies saved on your device – just head to the help section of your browser. But don’t forget, if you modify your settings to block all cookies, you may not be able to access parts of our site or our service.

When you visit the Site we may store some information (commonly known as a “cookie”) on your computer. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your hard drive to store and sometimes track information about you. Cookies are specific to the server that created them and cannot be accessed by other servers, which means that they cannot be used to track your movements around the web. Passwords and credit card numbers are not stored in cookies.

A cookie helps you get the best out of the Site and helps us to provide you with a more customised service. We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • So that you will not have to re-enter your details each time you visit the Site.
  • To track how the Site is used and to improve and update our content.

You can block or erase cookies from your computer if you want to (your browser’s help screen or manual should tell you how to do this), but certain parts of the Site may be reliant on the use of cookies to operate correctly and may not work correctly if you set your browser not to accept cookies

Most browsers are automatically set to accept cookies and you should be able to restrict or disable them if you wish by adjusting the settings on your browser. This will however affect your use of the areas of our site that use persistent cookies, such as the login areas.

We do not use ‘spyware’, that is web bugs or hidden identifiers or other similar devices to gain access to information, store hidden information or to trace your activities. For more information about cookies and instructions on how to adjust your browser settings to restrict or disable cookies, see the IAB website at http://www.allaboutcookies.org/

Google Analytics

The site uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (‘Google’). Google Analytics uses cookies (text files placed on your computer) to help the website operators analyse how users use the site. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required to do so by law, or where such third parties process the information on Google’s behalf.

Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google.

By using this website, you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the manner and for the purposes set out above.

Other data

We may keep a record of data which is logged automatically by our ISP’s servers, and which we analyse. This includes your IP address, the URL you visited before ours, the URL you visit after leaving our site and which pages you visit on our site. We do not store or analyse this data in a way that identifies any individual.

Use of this information

We will use your gathered information in order to:

  • Provide you with the goods or services that you have requested with your permission.

We will use your details to:

  • Send you information about other products and services that may be of interest to you.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Analyse it so that we can administer, support, improve and develop our services to you.
  • Obtain your views or comments on the services we provide.
  • Notify you about important changes or developments to our services.

Further, where you have consented, we might also use your information to let you know about other services which we or a specially selected third party offers. This might include, but might not be limited to, information relating to new property developments, properties for rent, home improvement, technology, any of which may be of interest to you. We may contact you by post or telephone, as well as by e-mail. We may also send you newsletters containing general information regarding our services

You may ask us to remove you from our mailing lists at any time by writing to us at our registered office. You may also contact us in order to exercise your option of correcting your details and of being removed from our mailing lists when we send you email alerts or other information


If you make a request, we have one month to respond to you. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us via:



Call us at:

+44 (0)131 603 8996

Or write to us:

FAO Data Protection Officer
Orbit Communications PR & Public Affairs LTD
4 Queen Street

If you have any questions about our privacy statement or the information we hold about you, please contact us on dataprotectionofficer@orbit.scot

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Accuracy of information on our site

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These terms of use relate to such proposals and how it can be used and downloaded by the user only.  The Site and its contents are presented in good faith and Orbit Communications & Partners, its affiliates, and service provision companies have made all reasonable endeavours to ensure that material contained within it is accurate.

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Linking to third party websites

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Our liability

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Privacy policy

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Information provided to us

If any user of the Site, or any other person, that views a Orbit Communications & Partners published document responds with any information or feedback such as questions, comments, suggestions, or the like, such information will be deemed to be non-confidential and Orbit Communications & Partners is at liberty to use, reproduce, disclose and distribute that information to any other person.

Further, Orbit Communications & Partners is at liberty to use or exploit any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such information for any purpose whatsoever without charge including, but not limited to, developing, manufacturing and marketing products or services incorporating such information